Astrophotography wire keepers – Get wires away from tripod.


The first and only professional wire management solution for astrophotography.


Plate kit = $45

1 wire clamp = $10

2 wire clamp = $12

3 wire clamp = $13

4 wire clamp $14

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Wire snags in the middle of the night can ruin your imaging run. These plate get the wires further from your tripod and help avoid issues. I’ve lost several nights due to the over sized declination knob of my Atlas mount.  These are made to stay on your Losmandy rail and feature two quick change clamps.

Wire plate: Comes with two thumb screws so no tools are needed to remove wires at the end of the night. With the modular design,  clamps can be added to top or bottom, multiple zip-tie holes, and pass thoughts allow this little plate to hold more wires than you will ever need. Two 3 wire clamps allow you to keep one isolate wires. One can hold wires that stay with the rig going to the camera/dew heaters and the other clamp can hold wires that get broken down at the end, like wires going to the mount or power supply.

-Comes with two “3 wire clamps”,  two thumb knobs, and on piece of hardware (specified when added to cart) to secure into your Losmandy rail.

Wire clamps: Made to be installed on the Losmandy Plate, tube rings, riser blocks, or guide scope rail to secure and hide your wires. These can be placed just about anywhere to control the flow of wires and keep them tidy. Use the smaller blocks to start managing wires at the top of your rig and slowly add in the larger 3 and 4 wire clamps as the wires accumulate.  These allow you to route the wires any way you want to hide them or take up slack.

-Comes with one piece of hardware specified when added to cart.


*Hardware note– Most plates will use 1/4×20 or M6 hardware. Smaller tube rings and guide scope clamps might use M5. All hardware provided is black oxide with a low-profile socket cap and ranges from 3/8 in (9.5mm) to about 1/2in (13mm) in length. Due to the universal fit of all scopes, you might have to source specialty hardware locally.

Please know your thread size when ordering; installing the wrong screws can (and will) damage threads.


*Dimensions of other wire clamps are proportional to the PDF above.

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Part size

Wire plate, 1 wire clamp, 2 wire clamp, 3 wire clamp, 4 wire clamp


M6, M5, 1/4 x 20


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