ZWO EAF to Moonlite mounting brackets


Perfect fit bracket for your EAF and Moonlite.

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***Clutch piece option comes with one piece of the clutch system so you can adapt your existing Moonlite clutch with the EAF. You must have a Moonlite clutch to choose this option as it will not come with the complete clutch.  If you don’t have the Moonlite clutch you can purchase a clutch kit on this website. You can also use the standard flex connections that come with most focus motors. Feel free to message me with any questions. 

Focus motor mounting bracket compatible with ZWO EAF and Moonlite focuser. These are professionally made from 18g stainless steel and will not warp, flex, or crack during use like 3d printed brackets found online. Hardware needed (not included but usually comes with motor): M4x10 for bracket to EAF and 8/32 x 5/16 for bracket to focuser connection. Two brackets available to fit various models. Please select your model from the menu when ordering. If you’re not sure which model you have see the photo below for lock/non-lock models and measure the diameter of your drawtube for 2″ vs 2.5″. Feel free to contact me with any questions.


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