Clutch installation and spacer kit




*This kit is not needed on most focusers. I do know it’s needed on all the Altair, Sharpstar, and ZWO telescopes.

*The color of hardware and spacers might be different than the photos.

This kit comes with the spacers and hardware for the most common issues. The clutch has a larger diameter than the supplied couplers. Some “shallow focusers” need this kit to space the motor bracket slightly further away from the body to allow for the larger diameter of the clutch.

The kit includes:

Two 6mm spacers (plastic or aluminum), plastic dust/friction washer, O-ring, M4x14 bolts, M5x16 bolts.

Skip to around 3min in the Alignment and install Video below for a quick overview of the install kit. The scope used in this video isĀ  Sharpstar 61. This same focuser is rebranded across many different telescopes and is very common.



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