Autofocus clutch / manual release


Autofocus to manual focus in seconds for almost any focuser and motor combination.

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Switch between autofocus and manual adjustment in seconds without tools. Simply tighten or loosen the collar to switch modes of focus. Protects your motor and focuser gears if you run out of travel in the drawtube. The clutch will slip before the gears in the focuser get damaged! Quickly get close to focus by hand and then switch to the motor for quick and perfect focus control. Packing up for the night and forgot to rack the focuser in to fit in your case? Now you can rack the focuser back in without getting your power cords back out!

Measure your shaft diameter and select from the menu. Please contact me if you don’t see your size listed. Made from aluminum and Delrin, these couplers are professionally made. These couplers can stand up to filter wheels, large cameras, and focal reducers. Proven to work with top brands like Moonlite, ZWO EAF, Focus Cube 2,  and more. These clutches held more weight than four of the top brand motors could produce. The motors would fault out before the clutch would slip.

*Common motor shaft sizes. Focus Cube 2 = 5mm, ZWO EAF = 5mm (V1 and V2), All Moonlite focusers and motors = 3/16 inch

*Sharpstar, Askar, Altair, and ZWO branded telescopes will need the installation kit.

*Edge owners – Clutch will not work if you’re imaging planets. The short focal length of a planetary camera will cause the focuser knob to bottom out on the clutch. Deep space cameras with longer backspacing have the mirror adjusting in much further so clearance is not an issue.




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